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Pure Source Nutrition Organic Moringa Powder - White Label


Moringa Oleifera is a plant of which all its parts can be consumed such as leaves, seeds, roots.

This plant's treasures are undoubtedly contained mainly in its leaves. The leaves are harvested, dried and ground into a very fine powder that is bright green in colour. Rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamins A and C.


The moringa oleifera plant grows mainly in the Tropics, the area surrounding the Equator. Its natural distribution area extends from India to the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa via Madagascar and Southwest Africa. It originates from the Himalayan regions of Northwest India. The moringa oleifera plant grows in a wide variety of soils and is highly resistant to drought.

The ideal environment for growing the plant is warm and sunny with no wind and an altitude of less than 500m. It fares best in sandy or muddy soil with good drainage. The moringa oleifera tree grows extremely quickly and generally reaches a height of between 4 and 7 metres, though it can reach up to 10 metres in deep, fertile soil. The moringa plant is entirely edible. This includes its leaves, fruits and seeds, the latter of which provide the oil.


Our moringa oleifera comes from organic farming. Moringa is sold as an impalpable bright green powder that is neither too light nor too dark: this would be a sign of dampness. The powder must be very fine and contain no stems or veins.

It has a fairly strong aroma similar to hay, like a freshly mowed lawn. Its fundamental characteristic is that it dissolves in water; good-quality moringa must dissolve in water without leaving any sediment.


Moringa is high in iron that contributes to normal cognitive and immune system function. Iron helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and promotes the normal transport of oxygen in the body.

High in fiber, source of vitamins A and vitamins C. Moringa is a source of calcium, which helps maintain normal muscle function, calcium is also necessary for the maintenance of normal teeth and bones.



Moringa is an excellent base ingredient for a face beauty cream or a nourishing hair mask to bring out your best side!



Organic Moringa Leaf Powder (Moringa Oleifera)

When and How to Use

Start with 1/4 tbs. per day abd gradually build up to 2tbs. Add to smoothies, juice, soups, plain water or sprinkle on salads.

Organic moringa powder is considered a great way to integrate this precious source of sustenance into your alimentation. Moringa leaf powder can be added to your savoury dishes such as roast vegetables and potatoes, but it also makes a great addition to smoothies and biscuits.


Moringa powder can be consumed in the following ways:

  • in yoghurt or milk
  • on vegetables or salads - on savoury dishes such as roasts or potatoes
  • as an ingredient in homemade desserts
  • in infusions and teas
  • in smoothies or fruit extracts
  • when making biscuits