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  1. PSN Inulin Fructo-Oligosaccharide Powder

        Healthy Dietary Carbohydrate
        Could Promote Good Bacteria
        100% Pure Inulin Powder

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    FROM £6.99

  2. PSN Citric Acid Powder

        Buffers PH levels
        Stabilises colour, taste, flavour and vitamins
        Acts as a preservative to many foods and beverages

    FROM £51.99

  3. PSN Sodium Ascorbate Powder

        Antioxidant Protection
        Prevents Heart Attack
        Healthier Skin, Bones & Teeth

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    FROM £18.99

  4. PSN Ascorbic Acid Powder

        Healthier Skin, Bones & Teeth
        Heals Cuts & Wounds
        Improves Vision

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    FROM £2.75

  5. PSN Fine Oats Powder

        Excellent source of low GI carbohydrates
        High in fibre, and Easy to mix
        Premium quality ground Scottish Oats

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    FROM £3.99

5 Showing(s)

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