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PSN Fine Oats Powder

What is Scottish Oats?

Scotland has the perfect growing conditions for Oats and grows some of the best Oats in the world. Here they are, pure and simply. Pure Source Nutrition are bursting with pure, natural goodness, the perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle!

Ultra Fine Scottish Oats

Pure Source Nutrition Ultra Fine Scottish Oats are a premium source of quality carbohydrates. They have been ground to a very fine powder, making them a perfect and convenient addition to any protein shake. 'Normal' oats often lose a lot of their nutrients and goodness when they are ground, however this is not the case with Pure Source Nutrition Ultra Fine Scottish Oats. Our oats keep 100% of their goodness and are 100% natural with no added salt, sugar or additives.

Why Use Pure Source Nutrition Ultra Fine Scottish Oats?

Being extremely high in quality complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre, Ultra Fine Scottish Oats are a great source of sustained energy. Having oats for breakfast should keep you energised and help to prevent hunger until lunch.

Diet and training are the two main contributing factors to gaining muscle. As far as diet is concerned we all know that a quality protein is essential, however the importance of carbohydrates should not be underestimated. Combine some Pure Source Nutrition Ultra Fine Oats with some Pure Source Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate 80% and you have an almost perfect 'liquid meal', packed with protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals. This is sure to get your body 'fuelled' and is unbeatable for cost-effectiveness!

Pure Source Nutrition Ultra Fine Scottish Oats are packed with a variety vitamins and minerals important for growth and health. These vital nutrients include calcium, zinc, iron, manganese, thiamine, vitamin B1, vitamin E and folic acid. They also contain one of the highest levels of soluble fibre in any food. Fibre helps ensure healthy digestion and has also been shown to maintain a healthy heart when used as part of a low fat diet.

Furthermore they contain a very respectable 13% protein.

Cholesterol is a fatty substance produced in the body. We also consume it daily in various foods such as dairy products, meat and seafood. When we have too much cholesterol it can begin to clog our arteries, reducing blood flow and increasing the risk of heart disease. Ultra Fine Scottish Oats have been shown to act like a sponge, soaking up cholesterol and taking it away from our bloodstream.


  • Excellent source of low GI carbohydrates
  • Perfect sustained energy source
  • High in fibre, and Easy to mix
  • Premium quality ground Scottish Oats


100% Ultra Fine Scottish Oats 



Typical Values

Per 100g

Per 50g


1529kJ / 363kcal

765kJ / 181kcal






















* Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)



As sold




Suitable for Vegetarians?        YES

Suitable for Vegans?              YES

Suitable for Halal Diets?         YES

When and How to Use

For optimum results use 1-2 servings of Pure Source Nutrition Ultra Fine Oats daily. Ideally consume any time during the day as a meal.

For 1 serving, add 2 level scoops to approximately 200 - 300ml ice cold water or milk (the less liquid the thicker the shake will be) and shake approximately for 1 minute.