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1ne Nutrition Brewing Sugar - Bucket

Brewing Sugar (Glucose) also known as Corn sugar, Corn Starch, Dextrose monohydrate. Supplied in bucket. Used instead of household sugar for improved fermentation and less 'tang' in your home-made beer, cider, wine and spirits. Normal household sugar (sucrose), when fermenting is first 'split' by the yeast into Glucose and Fructose. The Glucose is the first component to be fermented so glucose allows the yeast to get to work straight away without wasting energy separating from Fructose. The process of separating these two sugars inevitably produces bi-products and impurities which some people can taste and may spoil their enjoyment of home-made alcoholic drinks. Use as a direct 1 for 1 replacement of sugar in your recipe or kit instructions.


Pure Dextrose Monohydrate