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PSN Barley Grass Powder

Pure Source Nutrition Organic Barley Grass Powder

Barley grass was one of the first grain to be cultivated, as early as 7000 BC. It is one of the green grasses. The true beauty of barley is found in leaves; the young green shoots of power that form before the grain. The young leaves have a tremendous ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. When barley leaves are 12-14 inches high, they contain all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins necessary for the human diet, plus chlorophyll. These necessities are easily assimilated throughout the digestive tract, giving our bodies instant access to vital nutrients.

Large amounts of vitamins and minerals are found in green barley (Barley Greens) leaves. These include potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, beta carotene, B1, B2, B6, C, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. Barley grass is said to have 30 times more vitamin B1 and 11 times the amount of calcium than there is in cow's milk, 6.5 times as much carotene and nearly 5 times the iron content of spinach, close to seven times the vitamin C in oranges, four times the vitamin B1 in whole wheat flour, and 80 micrograms of vitamin B12 per 100 grams of dried barley plant juice.

Barley grass is very high in organic sodium, which dissolves calcium deposited on the joints and also replenishes organic sodium in the lining of the stomach. This aids digestion by improving the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. People with arthritis have used celery juice for years because of the organic sodium it contains (28mg per 100grms), but compare this to the amount of organic sodium in barley grass (775mg per 100 grams)!

Barley grass, at the time it is harvested to make juice, is about 45 percent protein. It has almost twice as much protein as an equivalent amount of wheat germ and about five times the minerals which accompany animal protein, in addition the protein in barley grass doesn't come burdened with fat.

Enzymes (barley grass is believed to contain up to 1,000 of them) are the necessary regulators of the body, without them our cells could not function and we would perish.Barley grass has one of the highest natural levels of enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase), which is a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells against toxic free radicals, thought to be a primary culprit in aging. Barley grass also contains one of the most amazing nutrients: chlorophyll a natural dexotifier that rids the intestines of stored toxins.

Barley grass contains 18 amino acids (including the 8 essential amino acids) - that is, the amino acids that we must get from out diets; the body cannot produce them by itself.

Barley Grass leaves are extremely alkaline, so digesting them can help keep the body's alkaline and acidity ratio balanced. Our cells cannot adequately function if the pH range (which measures alkaline and acidity) is not in a very narrow range. Barley grass is a powerful antioxidant that is believed to help the body kill cancer cells and overcome a variety of ailments, including acne and ulcers.

  • Packed with Vitamins, Minerals, & Enzymes
  • Abundant Source of Chlorophyll
  • Organic, Nutrient Dense Powder
  • Can improve Hemoglobin


100% Organic Barley Grass

 Nutritional Information: Serving Size: 6g 1 Scoop(12g)
Energy Kilocalories 23KCAL 46KCAL
Protein 1.5g 3g
Carbohydrates 3.5g 7g
Dietary Fibre 2g 4g
Chlorophyll 25mg 50mg
Fat 0.5g 1g



Vegetarians, Vegans,

When and How to Use

For optimum results take 6g (1 Scoop) of Pure Source Nutrition Barley Grass daily. Ideally consume 1-3 times daily with meals. Mixing with beverages, such as fruit juice, will improve the taste.