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Pure Source Nutrition Epsom Salt 100g-25Kg

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells and the fourth most important positively charged ion in the body, so it's little wonder this low profile mineral is so vital to good health and well being. Magnesium, a major component of Epsom Salt, also helps to regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes and performs a vital role in orchestrating many bodily functions, from muscle control and electrical impulses to energy production and the elimination of harmful toxins.

While increasing your magnesium levels, Epsom Salt also delivers sulphates, which are extremely difficult to get through food but which readily absorb through the skin. Sulphates serve a wide variety of functions in the body, playing a vital role. Sulphates are believed to help detoxify the body's residue of medicines and environment contaminants.


Studies show these benefits from the major components of Epsom Salt may:


                Ease stress and improve sleep and concentration.

                Help muscles and nerve function properly.

                Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes.

                Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.               


                Flush toxins.

                Improve absorption of nutrients.

                Help prevent or ease migraine headaches.


Magnesium - the key component of Epsom Salt - performs more functions in more systems of the human body than virtually any other mineral, including regulating the activity of more than 325 enzymes.

Studies show that Magnesium is:

                An electrolyte, helping to ensure proper muscle, nerve and enzyme function.

                Critical to the proper use of calcium in cells.

               Although magnesium can be absorbed through the digestive tract, many foods, drugs and medical conditions can interfere with the effectiveness of this deliver method. Therefore, soaking in an Epsom Salt bath is one of the most effective means of making the magnesium your body needs readily available.


For compresses: Use 2 cups of Epsom Salt per gallon of water for sore muscles, bug bites and splinter removal.

For soaking: Add two cups of Epsom Salt to warm water in a standard-sized bathtub. Double the Epsom Salt for an oversized garden tub. Popular for easing muscle pain and fading bruises. Bathe three times weekly, soaking for at least 12 minutes.

Foot bath: Add a cup of Epsom Salt to a tb of warm water as a popular balm for aching feet.

Note: K+S Kali quality certification applies to the purchase of 25kg sacks. Smaller quantities are repackaged under strictly controlled conditions in our separate, purpose-built clean room facility.